Copper (Cu) Cathodes

Product ref: 7321

Description: Copper cathodes purity 99.99%

Origin: DR Congo, China, South America, Middle East, Eastern Europe & Russia

Delivery: Palletized in 20 foot containers

Incoterms: FOB, C&F and CIF

Current Status: Stock available for trial shipments and small orders. Larger orders about 2-3 weeks. For clients requiring smaller quantities we can offer from 250 kilos up to a single pallet of 1 metric tonne or 2 metric tonnes according to requirements.

Presentation: Each sheet 914 mm x 914 mm x 12 mm (36″ x 36″ x 0.5)

Weight: 125 kilograms per sheet (+/-_) 1% tolerance

Packing: Palletized and securely strapped with metal bands 2 metric tonnes per pallet (16 sheets approx.) 10 pallets per container approximately 20 metric tonnes.







Silica (ppm)

0.3 max

Iron (ppm)

2 max

Cobalt (ppm)

0.2 max

Sulphur (ppm)

4 max

Arsenic (ppm)

0.1 max

Oxygen (ppm)


Bismuth (ppm)

0.1 max

Silver (ppm)

10 max

Manganese (ppm)

0.1 max

Lead (ppm)


Teleurium (ppm)

0.05 max

Nickel (ppm)


Aluminium (ppm)

0.5 max

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We look forward to the opportunity of proving ourselves and are more than happy to undertake trial orders and small quantities for new clients who may wish to move cautiously