Aluminium UBC Scrap

Product ref: 7339

Description: Used beverage cans (ubc) aluminium scrap for remelting

99,5% average aluminium content

Origin: China & other sources

Delivery: Shipment usually around 7 to 10 days after payment instrument is put in place

Incoterms: Fob / cif

Payment by: Letter of credit

Others: Each order is assayed before shipment and are port produced

Status: Trial order 100 mt /300mt. Monthly capacity 500/2,000mt per month

Presentations: Bales, high density bales or densified bundles

Packing: Bales: dimensions: (24 to 40 inches) x (30 to 52 inches) x (40 to 72 inches) ‐ density: 14 to 22 pounds per cubic foot

H.D. Bales: (24 to 40 inches) x (30 to 52 inches) x (40 to 72 inches) ‐ density: 25 to 30 pounds per cubic foot

Densified bundles: dimensions: (10 to 13 inches) x (10.25 to 20 inches) x (6.25 to 9 inches) ‐ density: 35 to 45 pounds per cubic foot

Technical Facts: 

All six sides of each bale/briquette clearly visible for inspection.

No cardboard, aluminium sheets, shrink‐wrap plastic, etc. is used on any side to hold the material together. All packaging must allow for easy fork‐lift unloading.

The material consists of Clean Aluminium Used Beverage Cans (UBC’s).

No food cans or any other non‐beverage cans. The UBC’s are free of contamination (such as, but not limited to, oil, steel, plastic, dirt, wood, paper, glass, garbage, or any other non‐aluminium UBC material). The material should be free of oxidation

99,5 % average aluminium content

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