Aluminium Profile Scrap / Taint Tabor

Product ref: 7336

Description: Aluminium profile scrap / taint & tabor scrap for remelting

99,5% average aluminium content

Origin: China & other sources

Delivery: Shipment usually around 7 to 10 days after payment instrument is put in place

Incoterms: Fob / cif

Payment by: Letter of credit

Others: Each order is assayed before shipment and are port produced

Status: Trialorder 100 mt /300mt. Monthlycapacity500/2,000mtpermonth

Presentations: Bales

Packing: Compressed bales bound with aluminium straps average weight 50kg to 150 kg. Net weight per container: 20.0 metric tonnes(±1%)

Technical facts: Taint & tabor: shall consist of clean old alloy aluminium sheet and sheet utensil scrap of two or more alloys, free of 7000 alloy series, foil, venetian blinds, castings, hair wire, screen wire, food or beverage containers, pie plates, hub caps, radiator shells, airplane sheet foil, oil cans bottle caps, plastic, dirt, and other foreign substances. Oil and grease not to total more than 1%. Up to 10% painted sheet, siding, and awnings permitted.

99,5 % average aluminium content

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